Totally Adorable: Christopher’s Newborn Photos

So, you guys, I’ve been meaning to post this for days, I swear. Ok, not really, because I just got them on Sunday. But I really did  mean to post them yesterday, until I collapsed in an exhausted heap on my bed at 10:30 because I just couldn’t do anything else.

Life is crazy right now. OMG.

Sidebar: does it date me to write OMG? Is that a totally old lady mom thing to do? Do people even say {write} that anymore? I’m just going to say that I grew up in the Legally Blonde era. It was totally hip and cool before I had kids.

Anyway, I digress.

Newborn pictures. Swoon. I die. All the words, because I really don’t have that many more to say, other than I have really, really attractive children. Bonus points if you can name that movie!

Also – I have to thank my AMAZING photographer, Mandi Folks, for the gorgeous photos. She is the best, you guys!

MHP1Test shot of Ricky – such a sweetie, I couldn’t help but share!

MHP2He is such a good big brother – can you tell he adores it?

mhp3The little cross represents Addison…Love.

mhp4Love these traditional little shots of babes…suddenly I wish we would have done a shoot this early with Ricky!




Baby Toes!


This was Ricky’s hat – and it is totally the sweetest <3


Brotherly love




OMG. The cuteness. I die.




This is my in-between-newborn-shots-never-got-ready-today look. It’s super fancy.


And this is what it looks like when you’re totally sleep deprived, but loving the baby cuddles.


Christopher is grabbing Addison’s necklace – her hands and feet. Totally unprompted. Love this one.



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    Cortney, these are just stunning! I can see why you adore them! Precious, precious, precious, beautiful children. And I love how you included Addison–prompted and unprompted.

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