That One Time I Drank Decaf For Two Weeks. On Accident.


So, I haven’t written lately. There’s a good reason for that: I’ve been totally, and utterly, exhausted.

It was strange. One day I started dragging. And then it seemed to continue for two weeks. It got to the point where I was making a second pot of coffee in the middle of the afternoon. And that pot of coffee wasn’t helping AT ALL.

It kind of felt like I was pregnant. Except…I’m not pregnant.

And then Saturday morning, as I reached for the coffee container, I noticed something. The container was marked DECAF. And then I realized: I’ve been drinking DECAF COFFEE for two weeks straight.

No WONDER I’ve been so tired!

Of course, the second I ran to the store and switched to regular, I was just fine. Thus, I’m writing again. Holy moly, what a difference a little caffeine can make!

Have you ever done that? Tried to quickly run through the grocery store, only to erroneously buy something you actually need? Or even worse, forget that little key ingredient that you need for your meal planning schedule this week?

Yeah, it totally happens to me all the time. In fact, it’s basically the reason why I find myself at Target twice a week, minimum. But usually, I’m a lot more careful where my coffee is concerned!

For the last two weeks, I’ve let myself lag behind. I have cleaning to do, Ricky’s birthday invites to mail and gym sessions to make up. But one thing that really stood out to me, was that no matter how tired I was, I still made time to play with my boys every single night before bed. Even if it was just sitting on the couch to read a dozen books in my halfway exhausted state, we made it happen.

And that makes me realize: no matter how reliant I am on my coffee, my kids really are what get me up and keep me going every day. As much as they can totally drive me crazy with the early wake up calls and late evening whining, they are also the light of my life. And the more I can focus on that, the easier the days become. Even the ones that are, inadvertently, caffeine free.



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