Thankful for my life. That’s all.

Today I got to thinking about how much things can change in a year. I always say that at New Year’s, by the way – that you never know where you’ll be a year from now. Love it or hate it, over the course of a short 365 day span things in your life can do a total 180. And in my life, they certainly did. Over the last year I married the love of my life. Had an amazing baby boy. Watched my little Lucy turn into a miniature moose. Quit my job. Got a new job. Started writing more. Started this blog. Spoke my mind. Fell more in love with my life than I can ever remember being before. The list goes on.

So then I got to thinking about how Thanksgiving is next week – and how thankful I am for my life. Specifically, I’m thankful for these things:

An amazing husband.
The gift of our baby.
A loving Lucy.
And family support.
Being able to write.
Being able to spend time with my little family unit.
My hubby’s work ethic.
Being strong enough to stick to our family values when it might not be the popular choice.
Our cozy home.
Amazing friends.
The ability to speak my mind, even if some people don’t like what I have to say.


This year I took a stand against negativity. I took a stand against immorality. Against doing the easy thing and instead did the right thing. It wasn’t easy, but I put my mind where my mouth is and took a stand for what I believe in. And I’m so THANKFUL that I did.

Link up: tell me – in the comments, on the forum or via email – what you’re thankful for. Post it on your blog and send me the link – I’ll share it right here.

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    I am thankful for a supportive husband and that we pray together.
    I am thankful that my 22 year old still feels the need to call me everyday.
    I am thankful that my 10 year daughter insists that I lay down next to her every
    night while she drifts off to sleep.
    I am thankful that my girls still like to have mommy and daughter weekends.
    I am thankful to be planning for my daughters college graduation party.
    I am thankful for and how our efforts will help moms and children in

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