Trust Your Gut

I feel super behind, on everything. Last week, Rick and Ricky both got sick with a stomach bug. I thought I avoided it, but came down with a nasty case of it on Thursday. Ever the stomach flu at 34 weeks pregnant? It's not easy, let me tell ... [ Read More ]

Sometimes, You Have To Go With The Flow

toddler stitches, toddler injury

Sometimes, it just feels like your world collides with something and everything just kind of...stops. Last week, Lucy decided she was afraid of my laptop cord. So she pulled the whole charging port out of it. I thought, meh, no big deal. I figured ... [ Read More ]

The Third Trimester is Testing Me


Some days, I feel like the third trimester is a test of whether you're ready to be a mom to a newborn. First, you stop sleeping. As in, you find that you can no longer sleep for longer than two to three hour intervals at a time without waking up. ... [ Read More ]

Smooth the Transition from One to Two Babies

baby bump, 30 weeks pregnant, bump, pregnant

"Mama, tha baby's hidin in your belly button!" Seriously, you guys. Is there anything better than the words that come out of a toddler's mouth? It's like, my favorite thing in the world. Tonight I was sitting on the couch doing puzzles with the ... [ Read More ]