Photos on My Phone, and Kodak Moments to the Rescue

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Back when I was pregnant with Ricky, I was so excited to partake in all of the memories that come along with having your first child. Those precious sleeping on daddy shots. Nabbing a drooly, I just learned to crawl grin. Capturing joy at the park, in the stroller, and out in our backyard. As many first-time parents often think, I thought I needed the best of everything. Including a super fancy DSLR camera, with the intention of using the “good” camera to capture all of the most important moments we wanted to remember.

Of course, parenthood happens and you realize that there’s not always time to grab and prep the “good” camera before a moment is completely missed. Oftentimes, I also just want something simpler and less clunky than my giant fancy camera. Plus, it needs to be easy to share all of my favorite moments. Because social media. Duh.

Obviously, you know where this is going. Like you, I wind up capturing a ton of photos on my smartphone, where they actually get seen much more frequently than they would on a memory stick.


I can easily share them with friends and family, text them to my hubby, email them to myself for my blog…and now, with the Kodak Moments app, I can easily forward them to a local store for printing and pick up!

Before, I always struggled to get my favorite camera-nabbed snapshots printed, simply because there was too much thought involved with sending them to myself, uploading them to another system, choosing my favorites and actually getting them ordered. With the Kodak app, I just have to set my pick up location (Target), choose my prints and hit the order button.

Then, on my next trip to the store, I just stop by the photo counter and grab them! How easy is that?!

4th of July Parade Afton

I also love how the app offers so many different sizing options. Sometimes, I find the most adorable photo that would look so perfect printed out in a square print. Or will pick up the most adorable frame on a trip to HomeGoods, only to get home and realize it’s an odd size. This app, unlike other services, makes it easy to get your hands on pretty much whatever size image you want. And in my book, that’s pretty awesome!

So friends. What’s my point? If you’re a big photos-on-the-smart-phone junkie like I am, then you definitely need this app. It makes printing and accessing your images, no matter what size they look best in, super easy!

Download your version today:



This post was sponsored by the Kodak Moments app. All thoughts and content are my own. 


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