How to Achieve Your Dreams

baby christopherDo you ever have those moments where you get completely overwhelmed, and find yourself just wanting to crawl under the covers and hide from the world?

Someone posted that on Facebook the other day. I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t relate. Oftentimes, I find myself so totally overwhelmed at the sheer volume of work that comes with working, having two kids and a household to run.

But then I always seem to impress myself with the ability to push through, and somehow accomplish 90% of what’s on my list. Sleep? Who needs sleep. You certainly know what I’m talking about if you’re a parent.

Sometimes, that desire to just go hide from my to-do list is so strong, that I almost give in. Who am I kidding? There are definitely a few times throughout the month where I just say screw it. The kids are in bed, I’m pouring myself a glass of wine and watching a movie.

(For the record, I just had to rewrite “wine” four times because I kept spelling it “whine.” Can you tell I live with a 3 year old?!)

I have this tendency to take on a lot. Sometimes, it even seems to be too much. And then, almost miraculously, I push myself to do a little more. And find that I can do it. And then I do it all over again.

As I’ve grown into my role of mom, brand ambassador, small business owner and more, I’ve come to realize something. Character isn’t about the number of times throughout the month that I find myself feeling a little overwhelmed. It’s about how I handle it.

This is how I’ve grown myself over the last year. I’ve come to realize that I can take on so much more than I ever thought possible. With a little creative thinking, and some positive self-talk, and a lot of pushing myself to find that next level of accomplishment, my vision is growing. An open minded view of possibility is helping my dreams, both personally and professionally, to take shape.

And friends, what I’m doing isn’t rocket science. It’s perseverance, hard work, and strategic thinking. And as such, I encourage you to follow your dreams. Push yourself to work a little further towards your goals today. It’s challenging, and it’s certainly not the “easy way out,” but it is SO rewarding when you start to see the fruit of your hard work.

I wish you the best of luck!

-Your friend in mommyhood, Cortney


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    Kelly says

    Perfect message for the season that I am in, Cortney – thank you very much for sharing! I agree with you and ironically, I was going over some of the goals that I had written 3 or so years ago and even ones from this year… One wise leader once shared this in 2013 (can you believe it is already 2015?!) and I quote “…just because it’s not easy does not mean it’s not worth doing…” and I know anyone could share that but at the time I heard it, I needed to hear it and I took it to heart. It was a great reminder today because interestingly, I read it earlier today and I am glad I did and I thank God for it and for your share.

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    I desire to be a Forensic Accountant. Sometimes though, when I think about the responsibility and maturity that that title requires, the years of study and corporate politicking and the potential expense to my family…I get a little anxious and think, “Can’t I just be a stay-at-home mom?!” Achieving our dreams requires a whole lot of “adulting;” perseverance and diligence and determination are definitely required. So too is a support network that sees your dreams as valuable – sometimes my spouse sees my dreams as even more valuable than I do and THAT helps propel me forward.
    Thank you for your post today. I needed the motivation to take the next step in achieving my dream.

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