How I Became Mrs. Galster: Chapter Ten

…Continued from Chapter Nine

I couldn’t wait to bring home our little baby Lucy in four (very long) weeks.

I figured that the anticipation of my little pup was going to make those four weeks extra long – but it turned out that they flew by. Both Ricky and I were working six to seven days a week – it was the busy season at my old semi-corporate job. Between me being busy with football and Ricky working late on projects, the days went by with the blink of an eye.

That being said, I still found time to check up on my miniature moose. I checked the breeder’s website every single day for picture updates – which came one to two times a week. She always had her little pink collar on emblazoned with her number on it. She looked so warm and cuddly that I wanted to pick her up through the computer screen and carry her around like a little teddy bear!

Throughout those four weeks, we started on a mad hunt for the perfect engagement ring. In the evenings and on rare days off together, we went to I-couldn’t-tell-you how many jewelry stores. We searched online. We looked everywhere – but couldn’t find exactly what we I wanted. In my head, I knew exactly what this ring was going to look like: somewhat vintage, covered in pave set stones. It had to have a thick band – I was too worried that a thin band would be too fragile. It was torture: everywhere we looked just didn’t have what we were looking for. I wasn’t ready to go the route of having something custom made, because what would happen if the jeweler got my vision wrong?

The hunt continued and finally, about ten days before we were scheduled to pick up our new little family addition, I found the ring. I found it online, but I found it nonetheless. It was perfect: exactly what I had been looking for. We resolved to go look at it two days later, a Sunday that neither of us were working. Even though the ring had looked perfect online, I wasn’t completely convinced that it was going to be so perfect in person.

We arrived at the jewelry store and the sales staff was so nice – I already was getting a good vibe about this shopping trip. I didn’t know the name of the ring I had seen, so I tried to describe it to the saleswoman. She brought out three different pieces, none of which were my ring. I tried them on, but was determined to get to my ring. Finally, she found it. She brought out a tester stone for me to try on with the setting. It.was.perfect. I knew that was the ring of my dreams – and made sure she wrote down ALL of the information both for herself and for my soon-to-be-fiance. That way if one of them lost the information, the other would have it!

The following weekend was packed to the gills for us: on Friday night we were going to a concert. Saturday we were going to pick up our dog. Sunday we had a family event. Friday I got home from work and quickly started to get ready for the concert. Ricky was running late – suspicious. He knew we had plans and usually he ran right on time when we had something scheduled. My brain was already working overtime trying to figure out where he was. When he got home he was acting fishy, too. I couldn’t put my finger on it, until he darted around me to run up the stairs and I saw a familiar looking envelope in his back pocket – an envelope that bore the same colors as the jewelry store we had been at the previous weekend.

It hit me: he had bought the ring.

…To be continued…

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