How I Became Mrs. Galster: Chapter Sixteen

Continued from How I Became Mrs. Galster: Chapter Fifteen

The only problem? An unforeseen snowstorm that hit the entire state that night.

Here’s the thing about having a husband that runs a commercial snow crew: if it snows, he’s on. It doesn’t matter if we’re several hundred miles away on a weekend getaway. Snow = hubby’s on the phone. A lot. So while this little mama may have been ready to hit the hay, Ricky’s phone had different ideas for our night. Basically that it was going to go off every twenty minutes until six am.

Finally around six in the morning we got some sleep – much needed, since we were driving home that day. By nine we were ready to go – I got some coffee while Ricky loaded up the truck. I walked outside into a vast bleakness. Everything was covered in about six inches of white, fluffy snow. And the wind was starting to pick up – which meant it was time to get on the road. White outs are all too common in northern Minnesota, and nearly impossible to drive through. Whether or not we beat the crazy weather would dictate if we made it home that day or spent another night in a hotel!

The first hour of that drive was long – Ricky’s knuckles were turning white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly. By the time we made it an hour down the road, though – things cleared up. The wind died down and we could breathe again. The drive wasn’t fast by any means, but much better than that first hour! We made it home, picked up the moose and settled back into our house, creating a new routine for life – since I was now working from home.

The next couple of weeks went by in a blur. I started talking to some old contacts about consulting with them. Ricky’s mom had surgery. Lucy was…well, Lucy. And we started looking at when and where we wanted to elope. After drawing up a long list of places we both wanted to visit, we saw a show on the Travel Channel about how fantastic the Virgin Islands were for beach weddings. While that was never actually on our list of places to visit, it sure did look fantastic! So then we decided: St. Thomas in April was the spot. We were officially getting married on a beach – life seemed pretty dang perfect right about then!

One night in mid-January I realized that I just didn’t feel right. Something was off. I felt like I was going to throw up just from working out – and as a girl that literally never gets sick, I knew that it wasn’t right. I sat on the floor in the middle of our living room thinking. I thought…and thought…and thought.

And suddenly I realized: we needed to go buy a home pregnancy test.

…to be continued…

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