How I Became Mrs. Galster: Chapter Seventeen

Continued from How I Became Mrs. Galster: Chapter Sixteen

And suddenly I realized: we needed to go buy a home pregnancy test.

I wasn’t totally sure what I was feeling – I just knew that things were…different. Like that feeling you get a day or two before you get the full blown stomach flu. I told Ricky that we needed to get a pregnancy test – just to check. So one night, we drove to Walgreen’s and picked one up.

When you think about going to get a pregnancy test, you think of the overly dramatic Hollywood scenes with a woman filling an entire shopping basket with at-home tests. In reality – buying a bunch of pregnancy tests would certainly break the bank FAST. And they usually have multiple tests in each box – so I opted for a three pack in a pink box and called it a day.

Nervous as all heck, I went into the bathroom to pee on this little stick. I set it on the counter. I forced myself to walk out of the room for the requisite three minutes that the box dictated. I came back and…the test was negative. Not pregnant and feeling quite foolish, I told Ricky that I was wrong and we definitely weren’t preggo – at least not right now.

Ten days went by and I still felt the same – like I was off and on going to come down with the flu. I got up one morning and six and just couldn’t stand it anymore – so I woke Ricky up and told him I was going to take another pregnancy test. There just wasn’t another good explanation for why I was feeling so off for so long!

I grabbed another test from the box and decided to try again. Again, I forced myself to wait an agonizing three minutes outside the bathroom door while the little stick worked it’s magic. And when I finally went back to peek, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right there in front of me was a positive pregnancy test.

We were having a baby.

And with that, my entire life changed in an instant. I ran into the bedroom, jumped on top of my half awake hubby and proclaimed the news: we were having a baby! We just sat there for about fifteen minutes staring at each other in shock. Neither of us had expected this to happen so quickly!

Later that morning I made an appointment with the doctor to confirm the test results. I was more nervous waiting for the doctor to tell us that yes, the at home test was correct: we were having a baby. We were so excited at the news, so I sat there praying that the little pink lines I saw at home were real and not just a figment of my imagination.

The doctor came back and confirmed it – we were having a baby. We were due in September – which seemed like it was so incredibly far away!

And then…the waiting for baby game began.

To be continued…

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