How I Became Mrs. Galster: Chapter Eleven

Continued from How I Became Mrs. Galster: Chapter Ten

It hit me: he had bought the ring.

Of course, my mind started working in overdrive. He had something planned for the concert tonight. Ohmigosh – was he going to propose AT the concert? Did he talk to the people at the Myth? Please tell me he wasn’t going to do it on stage.

I started chasing him around the house. Yes, I was neurotic. Were we actually getting engaged? This was all happening really fast – and it was making me sweat. A lot. As in, I had to take off the shirt I had so carefully picked for the concert that night to ensure it didn’t get all sweaty before we left. Sorry if that was TMI – I’m just trying to be honest, here!

Anyway, he kept hiding from me. I had no idea where he put the ring, but that sure as hell didn’t stop me from searching for it! That’s a picture for you: A crazy person running around the house in rolled up jeans and an undershirt looking for something she was never going to find – with her soon-to-be fiance standing by laughing his head off.

Finally – after I had searched and questioned him to the third degree – he told me what the deal was. The ring was being set. He wasn’t picking it up until the following week. So yes, we were getting engaged. But not that night.

I actually breathed a sigh of relief at that point. Despite the fact that I blog about next to everything, I’m not a publicly public person. As in: I wasn’t looking to get engaged on the big screen at a concert we were headed to – especially since I would have totally been a sweaty mess.

So we headed out the door to the concert – and I remember that night so vividly it’s like it was a week ago. It was the first weekend in November and the air was perfectly crisp: the kind of crisp that you only get for a short time before the weather turns brutally cold here in Minnesota. I remember thinking it would have been the perfect night to have a big bonfire with a bunch of our friends.

The concert was absolutely fantastic, which I knew it would be because I’m totally in lurve with Luke Bryan. Between his music and Jason Aldean’s, I think you have the full range of songs we had listened to throughout our entire relationship. You think I’m kidding? They were literally the only two cds Ricky and I played for months on end. I only took Mr. Aldean out of my cd player when I got my new car in December – and promptly transferred it to the CD player in my new SUV.

Anyway, the concert was great. I wasn’t convinced that he didn’t have the ring and was just playing a big trick on me but it turned out he was telling the truth: he wasn’t planning on proposing at the concert. It didn’t matter – I knew it was coming soon, we had a great time at the concert and we were picking up our Lucy the next day.

It was the start to an amazing weekend that led to an exciting couple of months!

Me + Ricky at the Luke Bryan Concert

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