How I Became Mrs. Galster: Chapter Eighteen

Continued from How I Became Mrs. Galster: Chapter Seventeen

And then…the waiting for baby game began.

For about a week, we went back and forth on what to do about our wedding. While we had planned to start trying to get pregnant, we honestly hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly. Hence the original plan to elope on a Caribbean island in April. I sat there realizing that since it was January, April was quite a ways away – and left the potential for my baby belly to start showing underneath my wedding dress. While I didn’t mind being pregnant when we got married, I certainly didn’t want to look pregnant when we tied the knot.

We had two options: one, to push the wedding back until after the baby was born. Or two, to move the wedding up and just pull the trigger a little sooner than we had originally planned. I knew that there really only was one choice that worked for us – to get married sooner rather than later. We both just wanted our life together to be even more official than it already was – we just wanted to be married! Plus, I wanted my last name on our child’s birth certificate to be the same as the baby’s (and Ricky’s, of course!). So we changed our tune and planned for a late February elopement.

I know what you’re thinking – planning a wedding in a month? Who would do that? Well, when you’re getting married on a beach it’s pretty much as simple as planning a regular vacation! Once we found the person who would preside over the ceremony, we really just had to pick a wedding package and show up the day of the event. Which was exactly what we wanted – something pretty but low maintenance, that didn’t require me turning into a complete bridezilla to plan.

Since I was pregnant, we also decided that we didn’t want to go anywhere outside of the continental United States. So our plan changed a little bit more and we ended up in San Diego – and wed on Coronado Island.

The beach was beautiful, but the weather was chilly and windy! We were freezing standing out on that beach, but despite the cold neither of us could stop laughing at how surreal this experience was. And fifteen minutes later we were officially husband and wife. I was ecstatic.

And that’s…well, that’s how I became Mrs. Galster. I’m sure there are pieces to the story that I missed, but these are definitely my favorite stories of how Ricky and I met and ended up inseparable forever. Want more on the story? You can check out my pregnancy chronicles or our life right now with a newborn!

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    Deb says

    Awwwww….such a lovely story, Cortney….I really enjoyed reading the account of how you became Mrs. Galster!

    By the way….my son got married on a beach too….but it was in Akumel Mexico….and it took them a year and a half to plan it! It was absolutely beautiful….but definitely NOT “low maintenance”….like yours ; )

    Will you be posting more wedding photos? I just LOVE gazing at wedding photos….

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