Baby Life: The Things You Obsess About When You’re a Mom

sleeping baby

I always find it hard to start calling a baby by their name. Is that weird? It’s like, for so long they were just “the baby.” And then they become this real person with a real name. And it takes a while to get used to the change.

When Ricky was born, it felt so strange to call him Ricky. Probably because that’s what I called my husband. I tried calling him RJ for a while, and Rick hated that. So as I transitioned into calling him “Ricky,” I started to call the hubs “Rick.”

Now it’s totally natural, second nature. But at first…it felt so weird.

With Christopher, it’s easier. I think that’s because we have to have a distinction between which child we’re referring to – hah!

Isn’t it funny how we all have these idiosyncrasies where our kids are concerned? Let me tell you more about some of the strange things that go on in my household. It’s ok, friends. I have no embarrassment anymore. Becoming a mom kind of takes that away from you…

I work with a sleeping baby.

Yep, it’s true. During the day, Christopher joins me in the office {on top of my desk} while our nanny is here so I can work. And at night, he sleeps on me while I write from the couch. It’s a crazy world, my friends.

I’m petrified of potty training.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled over the idea that my child will one day no longer need diapers. But I am terrified of going through the actual process of potty training him. I keep putting if off. And off. And off. And I know we need to get after it. But thinking about potty training makes me want to go hide under my bed in the fetal position. Wahh!


I only buy washable clothes.

Even for work – I will not buy something if it is hand wash or dry clean only. It doesn’t work in my world. It just doesn’t.

I’m obsessed with Starbucks

This is new to my two child world. But you’re probably obsessed with some kind of coffee shop, too, right? So it’s not THAT strange?

I’m a cleaning fanatic.

I was never this girl before children. I mean, I like a clean house. But the borderline obsessive cleaning, complete with doing certain chores on certain days of the week, is a little nuts. But hey, at least I don’t spend all day Saturday trying to catch up on cleaning my house, right?

I’m obsessed with booty exercises.

This thing happens after you have kids: you start to get the mom butt. Now, I’m crazy about exercises that lift and tone. I do squats in my living room, and my 2 year old thinks it’s so funny to mimic me that he winds up rolling on the floor belly laughing. I’m not kidding. I feel like I should be the living room aerobics mom on the Cheetos commercial. ALL IN THE NAME OF A FIRM BEHIND!

Ok you guys. Now that my brain is officially done for the next hour (thank you, two children for no sleep last night), I want to know: what are YOUR weird obsessions now that you’re a parent? Tell me in the comments?


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    Sarah B. says

    Potty training might be easier than you think. I expected a battle and was baffled when it just took and my son pretty much potty trained himself by 2 1/2. I highly suggest skipping the small separate potty on the floor and ordering one of these child toilet seat adapters instead

    I thought my husband was insane when he ordered this since I just wanted the potty ring you put on and take off each time, but this my friend is so much better! We also ordered this awesome potty step stool

    Your child being able to take themselves potty when they need to with minimal help from you is priceless. My son is now turning 3 and goes to the bathroom without any reminders completely on his own!
    We started the whole process right after he turned 2 yrs. Old. He stayed in diapers and we took him to sit on the potty every 30 minutes and at diaper changes too. After a few weeks he started actually going potty on the toilet more often than not, so we started him in underwear while awake. We entirely skipped Pull-Ups since we view them as overpriced diapers. I potty trained kids as a two’s teacher and saw many parents fall for the myth that once you start buying them your child is magically potty trained. Sure he peed himself a few times and left a few puddles on the floor, but within 3 months he was day trained. We are getting ready to work on night and nap training now that he keeps his diaper dry and immediately goes to the bathroom once he wakes up.

    Good luck with your potty training adventure!

    -Sarah :)

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    Kelly says

    Thanks for sharing, Cortney. Some for me include: vacuuming as often as possible, keeping life simple, trying my best to listen to the kids when they call, making it a point to keep working during their naps when I work from home, and the list goes on!

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